28 May

Password Solutions for Government

Protect Your Users

Your user’s accounts are under attack and often the only thing between your network and the hackers are your user’s flimsy passwords. Help protect your users and your network; protect their accounts with strong two-factor authentication while making their login process painless.

Two-factor Authentication is becoming the online security standard for logging into websites and online applications. The problem, however, is that it’s inconvenient and complicated. Symple ID solves this problem; we turn your existing smartphone into a unique factor and combine it with a unique digital ID which can be worn on your wrist, your keychain, in your pocket…just about anywhere.

And the best part? Using Symple ID two-factor authentication is as easy as tapping your ID to your phone. And unlike other solutions, your credentials are stored locally to your smartphone using strong encryption; not in the cloud making a tempting target for hackers.


  • Reduce costs by eliminating password reset requests
  • Enforce IT password policy; set your user’s passwords for them
  • Protect your users from phishing attacks
  • Corporate succession planning for key online accounts
  • Add strong two-factor authentication for your most critical internal and external web applications