Symple ID FAQ

How does Symple ID differ from other products in the market that help to manage your passwords?

    Symple ID is the first two-factor Identity and Access Management solution to combine your smartphone and a unique near field communication-based ID to protect your online accounts.
    Not only that, but from a product design standpoint our focus is to provide the easiest AND most secure solution in the market. With Symple ID you don’t need to be a “techie” to make it work; you just tap to sign-in like you tap to pay with your credit card.
    Symple ID is also unique in that you carry your credentials with you. All of your credentials are stored fully encrypted to your smartphone, not in the cloud making a tempting target for hackers

    What happens if I lose my ID or my phone, can someone access my passwords?

      The simple answer is, nothing. Symple ID has been designed with security in mind and is a “two-factor authentication” solution. To unlock your accounts a thief must have your ID and >your phone, AND be able to unlock your phone, before they can access your accounts.

      What do I need to be able to use Symple ID?

        Symple ID works with your existing laptop/desktop and your existing NFC-enabled smartphone.

        Can Symple ID staff see my login information or the sites which I visit?

          Absolutely not. Your login information is 100% confidential. Symple ID staff cannot see your login information nor can they see the sites which you visit or have stored in your ID.