28 May

Password Solutions for Enterprise

Passwords are Expensive

Passwords are pain for your users and expensive for you; research shows that 30% of calls to the help desk are for password resets and the average cost per call is $15-$25.

To help make it easier and faster to log into accounts, and avoid having to call the help desk, most users pick easy passwords and reuse them…at the expense of your corporate security.

Symple ID solves this problem by replacing the process of your staff creating, remembering, and entering passwords with a simple tap of their ID to their smartphone.

Symple ID enhances your corporate security as it offers a secure two-factor authentication solution. And unlike other solutions, user’s credentials are stored locally to their smartphones using strong encryption; not in the cloud making a tempting target for hackers.


  • Reduce costs by eliminating password reset requests
  • Enforce IT password policy; set your user’s passwords for them
  • Protect your users from phishing attacks
  • Corporate succession planning for key online accounts
  • Add strong two-factor authentication for your most critical internal and external web applications